Product Design Lifecycle

I've been involved in most stages of a product's lifecycle to varying degrees, not just the firmware implementation stage. This diagram shows a typical lifecycle with the relevant stages and illustrates how much involvement I have had with each of them.

Product Design Lifecycle

(I've missed off some business functions to keep the diagram simple, such as Sales, Shipping, Installation, Returns, Accounts; and the review feedback loops).

By being heavily involved in the complete product lifecycle, I've gained a wide breadth of domain and product knowledge which puts me in a good position for

Hardware Design & Implementation

I've shown Hardware Design & Implementation as 0% in the diagram because that reflects not being involved in schematic design, component choice or PCB layout for the initial design phase. However, I have been involved at the design review and debugging stages where I have used my previous hardware experience to solve problems at the PCB, product and networked system level.