Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the Electronics Industry

I'm experienced in deeply embedded applications using C to produce highly cost-effective solutions where multiple serial communication protocols are required. My 20 years' experience in lighting control systems includes standardisation work on international standard protocols. I'm an active contributor at all stages of product lifecycle from specification and design through to test and field support. I am continuously looking to improve skills and knowledge both personally and within the team. I prefer to work on applications which offset their production impact by having long-term environmental benefits.

Recently Updated Skills (2019-2021)


IDEs & Editors


Industry Proven Skills (2005-2019)

Firmware Development

8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers Project sizes from 300 effective lines/330 bytes code to 35K effective lines/25KB code.

Software Development

For Windows XP through to Windows 10. Project sizes up to 21K effective lines/5MB code.

Specialist Topics

Electronics Hardware Design (1990 onwards)

Contact Details

email: work at