Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the Electronics Industry

I'm experienced in deeply embedded applications using C to produce highly cost-effective solutions whether the system is one microcontroller or several working together to achieve a result. I'm an active contributor at all stages of product lifecycle from specification and design through to test and field support. Whilst I have 20 years' experience in lighting control systems including contributing to international standard protocols, I quickly adapt to new fields and regularly learn new skills. It's important to me that the application has a environmental or ethical benefit to offset the impact of electronics manufacturing.

Recently Used Skills (2021-2023)

Skills Update (2019-2021)


IDEs & Editors


Industry Proven Skills (2005-2019)

Firmware Development

8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers Project sizes from 300 effective lines/330 bytes code to 35K effective lines/25KB code.

Software Development

For Windows XP through to Windows 10. Project sizes up to 21K effective lines/5MB code.

Specialist Topics

Electronics Hardware Design (1990 onwards)

Contact Details

email: work at